Logic Locks

Logic Locks is a Design Studio for Immersive Gaming Experiences. We started with the simple idea of having a child dream come true. Enter the room of someone else and be allowed to go through all the stuff!

But in our case it was even better, you are not only allowed to open every drawer and peek into every closet but you dive into an ever deepening mystery. Locked chests, secret mechanisms and hidden compartments. The person has a lot to hide and slowly a dark secret unfolds…

Four years have passed since we opened our first experience in the basement of what became later the BOUW Broedplaats. Since then we created award-winning experiences for festivals, weddings, company events and exclusive dinner parties. We also founded the first international conference for Escape Rooms & Real Life Gaming where we annually bring together creatives from over 40 countries from the worlds of theater, video gaming and escape rooms.

Our latest pride is a 90 minute experience under a church in Amsterdam.

While our experiences for adults, they are based on phantasies we dreamed of as children. We noticed that many people might have forgotten about those dreams, but we believe that deep inside us they are still alive. If we encounter them, it sparks our curiosity and creativity as it reminds us of a time when the world was full of magic, wonder and mystery...


In broedplaats: