Brigitte de Langen

The work of Brigitte de Langen is quiet, tactile and aesthetic and at the same time confrontational and intriguing. She zooms in on her subject, shows details, (collective) memories and traces. With her work De Langen tries to make the unseen and the forgotten seen, she creates attention for the still and serene world that seems far from us. The medium is often photography, but does not have to be, sometimes it is paper, thread, video, whatever serves the theme best. The viewer is questioned by the work about one’s own memories, perceptiveness and awareness, and at the same time invited to reflect. She studied Photography at the St. Joost Art Academy in Breda (NL). She works on different ongoing conceptual projects as Covered (2017-), Collioure (2016-), Night Shading (2015-), Tempus Silens (2017). De Langen lives and works in Amsterdam

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